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"I am proud of the fact that throughout recent trying times one thing has remained constant and unwavering - the uncommon compassion and support that our family of employees at MGM MIRAGE demonstrates for each other and the communities in which we live.

For some time now, we have been evaluating our charitable giving programs. We want to ensure these campaigns not only meet community needs, but are also responsive to the needs and input of our employees. That is why the MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation has been created."

  J. Terrence Lanni
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation

At MGM MIRAGE, we know that every employee is an important part of their community and it's only natural that they want to make a difference and give something back.

The new MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation brings the best of our employee volunteer and charitable efforts together with greater impact and greater choice.

  • More money will be distributed to areas in communities where they are needed the most.
    Employee donations will be recognized together with those of their co-workers as a part of the MGM MIRAGE Voice team.

Thanks to the work of every employee in Southern Nevada, Biloxi, Mississippi and Detroit, Michigan, MGM MIRAGE is now a Fortune 500 company. With that prestigious honor comes a new way of looking at how we make a difference in our community through our charitable efforts.

As is common with most Fortune 500 companies, they have created their own foundations that make charitable contributions directly to agencies and organizations. This gives employees who support the foundation greater control and impact with their donations.

The MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation will be structured as a not-for-profit organization. This means that the purpose of the Foundation is not to make money, but to simply fund charitable organizations in the communities in which we operate businesses.

Offering more ways to care: The MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation

The MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation gives more ways to care.

This campaign invites employees to give through payroll pledge deductions or directly, similar to past United Way campaigns.

  • Donations will go farther because 100% of every dollar pledged goes directly to the charitable organization or cause designated.
  • MGM MIRAGE will absorb 100% of all processing costs associated with donations. This is a great way to make contributions do more for those in need.
  • Our employees choose where their donations go.
    • Our employees can choose a specific area of community need to support.
    • Our employees can write in a specific charity that they wish to support.
    • Our employees can continue to have their donation go directly to the local United Way.
    • Our employees can support the new Employee Emergency Relief Fund.


Our communities have never needed us as much as they do now. We learned the hard way--events that happen close to home or across America, affect each and every one of us.
We're working hard to help our team of employees at MGM MIRAGE make a difference in their community and in the causes that are near to their hearts. Together we know we can make a difference.

Building a Stronger Community


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